About Andrew Filippone Jr.

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I'm a filmmaker in New York City, and my name is not Steve.


This site hosts my personal film work, projects that I initiated, funded, and made. I'm the director, producer, camera operator, and editor on all of them.


Through my firm Telling Story, Inc., I make practical films for business clients (which is how I make my living).

I started Telling Story in 2005, after spending 11 years shuffling between freelance and staff jobs in Boston,

New York, and Los Angeles.


Why "Steve is Not Happy?" The phrase comes from a particularly ominous line of dialogue in my short film "Charlie Rose" by Samuel Beckett. The full line, delivered by Charlie Rose #2, is "Steve is not happy with

the process so far." Very Short List called it "hands-down the most portentously sinister non sequitur since 'What’s the frequency, Kenneth?'” I liked the line a lot, so I claimed it.