Andrew Filippone Jr.


Unaffiliated and uncredentialed. Making it up as I go along. When is "mid-career?"


Do they eventually come for you? Or am I supposed to contact them? If so, where are they? And who are they?


My dream job is to be in charge of a place like this.


In another life, I'd have been a brick mason or an OTR driver.

Born Boston, MA.


Raised Revere, MA.


Live in New York City.


Wish I lived in Los Angeles.



In the early 1990s, I attended Northeastern University (majoring in Criminal Justice) and Emerson College (majoring in Film).  I withdrew without a degree because of severe and unfortunate financial and family circumstances.


Several years later, I enrolled in a number of classes at CUNY, earning the Zuker Award for Film at Hunter College and a Thomas W. Smith Academic Fellowship.


+1 (805) 905-1000